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What is the difference between the 5 probiotics in the daily formula and the high potency 5 probiotic formula?

The probiotics themselves are the same between the two products.  The Absolute Immune health is designed for everyday use in dogs that just need a little boost to their immune system to help combat the stresses of daily life.  Probiotics provide live “good” bacteria  to the gut to help crowd out the bad bacteria… think Activia Yogurt to stabilize your gut.  And, Previda, the prebiotic acts as food for the good bacteria delivered in the probiotic blend.  Then the hyper immunized egg and the whey help the immune system to act more efficiently and faster.  Studies show that probiotics, whey and hyper immunized egg all can stabilize gut health (firmer stools) and can help boost the efficacy of vaccines which means that these ingredients also help the immune system all over the body, not just in the gastrointestinal tract.

The high potency product differs from the absolute immune health because it has more ingredients in it which target different areas of the immune system- it is designed for dogs who are under a fair bit of stress, either because of their lifestyle (like dogs who compete at shows or in field trials) or because they are recovering from illness or a round of antibiotics or live in high stress situations.  High potency has extra ingredients like enzymes which can improve digestibility of food (so the recovering gut doesn’t have to work so hard).  And, the extra minerals increase immune cell productions, so the body recovers faster!