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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Hyper-Egg work?
Probiotics work in the gut by forcing the bad bugs that can cause viruses out.  The probiotics overwhelm the “bad bugs” and push them out of the gut. The digestive system creates antibodies to kill the bad bugs. Hyper-Egg has antibodies that target the bad E-coli that cause diarrhea in dogs. This is not a broad spectrum antibody, but a very specific target at the bacteria that can cause loose stools in dogs.  Prudence has three key active ingredients, Prebiotics to feed the good probiotics, Probiotics to force bad bugs out of the gut, and antibodies to kill E-coli.
What is the source of the Cetylated Fatty acids?
It is a testified fatty acid derived from fish oil and has shown to help lubricate to joints.
What is the source of the Chondroitin and Glucosamine?
What testing does finished product undergo?
  • Test for two characteristics…food safety and ingredient efficacy.
  • Food safety:  All lots are tested for pathogens including salmonella, and E-coli.
  • Active ingredients are tested upon receipt at the facility. After batching and before being placed in stick-packs the batch ingredients are compared to the active ingredient guarantees found on the box. Bergan reviews all certified batching reports.
What standards do you have in place for ensuring the quality and integrity of the ingredients?
All ingredients suppliers are SQF certified. (The Safe Quality Foods Program (SQF) is recognized by retailers and food service providers around the world that require a rigorous, credible food safety management system.  It was launched in Australia in 1994. Since 2004, it has been administered by the SQF Institute, a division of the Food Marketing Institute, headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. Thousands of companies in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and in Asia have received SQF certification.)
What is the country of origin for the active ingredients used in Prudence – Nature’s Wellness?
All active ingredients are sourced in the USA with the exception of Hyper-Egg which is sourced from Canada.
Where is Prudence Nature’s Wellness Supplements manufactured?
In a co-manufacturing facility in southeast Michigan. The facility is NASC inspected and certified.  It is also Canadian human grade certified. AIB (a USA third party inspection agency) has also inspected the facility and certified it as “human Food Grade”.
Can I get these formulas in pill form?
It is not Prudence’s intention to make pill or tablets available. Veterinarians will tell the best way to feed a dog a pill is to hide it in some peanut butter, cheese, or some other juicy morsel. For dogs this sometimes works but for cats, not so often. Constantly feeding cats and dogs the daily tidbits the calories start to add up and contribute to the number one health problem in dogs and cats…obesity. The functional soft-treat alternative has two challenges, of the extra, hollow calorie problem and typically this supplement form does not have levels proven to be effective. Be sure to check if the soft-treat brands addressing “hip and joint’ have the same active ingredients of Prudence. Prudence is a low calorie highly palatable supplement that you simply sprinkle over your pet’s food for a convenient simple to administer alternative. No more pills!
Why does Prudence use so many active ingredients?
When your pet is diagnosed with a hip & joint, immune health, or skin and coat condition, many times it is hard to pinpoint the root cause. By including proven ingredients there is a better chance to ensure all points are supported. For instance, the hip and joint formulas have active ingredients supporting connective tissue, synovial fluid, and cartilage. By providing a very broad spectrum of active ingredients your pet will receive a wide range of support for each specific area. All Prudence products are formulated with a “broad spectrum” approach.
Why should your Prudence formula results be unmatched?
Prudence is a joint venture between four partnerships and has developed the scientific research, the human food grade processing, and the science based marketing of the Prudence brand. The Prudence team is comprised of Bergan Pet Products, Uckele Health and Nutrition, Novus International, and J.H. Hare and Associates. Uckele Health and Nutrition is a USA based company that has been in the supplement business for over 50 years. Uckele manufactures products in a human-food grade plant for brands in the human, pet, and equine segments. Uckele is considered a leader and innovator in the supplement industry. Novus International is a Missouri based company that conducts business in over 90 countries and with over 80 PhD’s and veterinarians their goal to develop breakthrough ingredients that enhance the lives pets. J.H. Hare and Associates owns patents on hyperimmunized in both in the USA and Canada. The company has conducted research for over 28 years. For research supporting this collaborative effort see the white papers tab on the Prudencepet.com home page.
Since krill have only recently harvested do we know if the krill population sustainable?
Like any other industry, krill harvesting is also closely monitored and carefully regulated to ensure its environmental sustainability. The Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources, (CCAMLR), is an international environmental organization comprised of 25 countries. CCMALR's mission is to preserve marine life and the environmental integrity within and surrounding Antarctica. CCAMLR is considered an exceptional organization for its highly detailed research programs to help ensure successful conservation practices (especially of krill) in the Southern Ocean. Furthermore, the biomass of the earth's krill is reported to weigh in a range from 170 million to 740 million tons. Since 1990 until today, krill harvest only totals ONE TENTH of one million tons, which means there are plenty of krill left over.  In fact, 400x more for natural predators and human consumption.
How do the live probiotics get into hyperimmunized egg?
Hens are inoculated with specific pathogens which cause the hen’s immune system to produce specific antibodies to attack those pathogens. When the hen lays her eggs she passes along to the eggs live probiotics that protect the chick from the same environmental threats.  The egg is taken before hatching and dried into a powder. The reason hyperimmunized egg is preferred over standalone probiotics is the egg powder is an excellent carrier to your pets immune system. The hyperimmunized egg used in Prudence is supplied by J. H. Hare and Associates with patents for this breakthrough ingredient in both the USA and Canada.
Do I need to store the immune health products in the refrigerator since they contain live microbials?
Live microbials, or probiotics, live longer when in cold storage. However they thrive at room temperatures for about one year. DO NOT store any of the Prudence immune health products in temperatures of greater than 80 degrees.
Why is krill oil different than fish oil?
Krill oil is obtained through a process called “cold pressing”; while most other fish oils on the market today are rendered through a chemical extraction process. In many cases these chemicals are found as residuals in the finished product. In krill’s cold pressing process the resulting product is 100% krill. As an antioxidant krill is 48 X more effective than fish oil. And finally krill oil is more bioavailable to your dog and cat than is fish or salmon oil. In many of the human supplement markets the #1 selling fish oil is krill. Krill simply out performs all other fish oils.
The natural chicken flavoring used in Prudence is a chicken digest from the pet food industry. So, it is a protein based digest.
1) The number of dogs who have a true allergy to chicken is VERY low. In fact, the veterinary dermatologist we use ( who has been an invited speaker on vet dermatology both in the US and internationally because of her expertise) says in the 11 years she has been practicing, she hasn’t seen one TRUE food allergy case. 2) Chicken digest does not have intact chicken proteins, they are hydrozylates which means that the likelihood of a reaction is significantly decreased. The more complex the protein, the more likely there is to be a reaction. Because chicken digest is a hydrozylate, the proteins are much simpler in form and are less likely to cause a reaction, even if the dog or cat actually is allergic to chicken proteins. Case I point, some of the prescription diets use chicken hydrozylates and isolates as the protein source in their hypo allergenic digest.
Isn’t a pouch a day too much probiotic for dogs under 15 lbs.?
Studies in beagles, shih tzu, Labradors and miniature pinschers indicate that dogs have LOTS of bacteria in their gut.   Every day the dog excretes 1014 bacteria (that’s 10,000,000,000,000 bacteria)…..Prudence delivers either 1.6 or 2.0 BCFU or 1.6 x 109 or 2.0 x 109  (160,000,000 to 200,000,000)…the numbers sound large, but remember that there are more bacteria in the gut of a dog or of a human than there are cells in the entire body of a dog or a human! So, no, it’s not too many bacteria for a small dog.
Which one is recommended for regular small dogs? 
The products are not really designed for small or large dogs, instead it’s based on lifestyle and situation.  Small dogs should receive 1 stick pack (dogs up to 50 lbs.) and large dogs should receive 2 (dogs over 50 lbs.).  In some cases, small dogs are more sensitive emotionally or are more “nervous” than some of the larger dogs.  In the case of nervous or stressed dogs, high potency is the recommended product-regardless of size.
What is the difference between the 5 probiotics in the daily formula and the high potency 5 probiotic formula?
The probiotics themselves are the same between the two products.  The Absolute Immune health is designed for everyday use in dogs that just need a little boost to their immune system to help combat the stresses of daily life.  Probiotics provide live “good” bacteria  to the gut to help crowd out the bad bacteria… think Activia Yogurt to stabilize your gut.  And, Previda, the prebiotic acts as food for the good bacteria delivered in the probiotic blend.  Then the hyper immunized egg and the whey help the immune system to act more efficiently and faster.  Studies show that probiotics, whey and hyper immunized egg all can stabilize gut health (firmer stools) and can help boost the efficacy of vaccines which means that these ingredients also help the immune system all over the body, not just in the gastrointestinal tract. The high potency product differs from the absolute immune health because it has more ingredients in it which target different areas of the immune system- it is designed for dogs who are under a fair bit of stress, either because of their lifestyle (like dogs who compete at shows or in field trials) or because they are recovering from illness or a round of antibiotics or live in high stress situations.  High potency has extra ingredients like enzymes which can improve digestibility of food (so the recovering gut doesn’t have to work so hard).  And, the extra minerals increase immune cell productions, so the body recovers faster!

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